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Book Club – Everything (Chapter 2) by

Today, I’m taking a look at Chapter 2 of Mary DeMuth’s book Everything!

I am not ashamed of the gospel, because it is the power of God for the salvation of everyone who believes: first for the Jew, then for the Gentile. Romans 1:16

I love this verse! I had it engraved on a necklace years ago. I don’t wear it nearly enough anymore. It has always been a great reminder for me of what it is I am living for.

The gospel. Do we throw this word around too lightly? Do we really have a good understanding of what this is? Are we really living out the gospel in our daily lives?

And what is the Gospel? DeMuth starts off the chapter recounting how she remembered the truths of the Gospel we claim as truth. The five fingers of our hand offer a good reminder for these truths:

* We are all sinners
* Sin results in death
* God sent Jesus to Earth and he led a sinless life
* Jesus died on the cross as atonement for ALL sin
* Jesus rose from the dead and will return for His people

So, we believe all of this but do we live our lives so that people SEE this every day. Do we live the Gospel fully? I will be first to stand up and say “No.” I fail horribly. “I haven’t willingly suffered for the sake of the Gospel. I haven’t counted all things loss. I haven’t given Jesus everything. Instead I cling to my possessions, relish my comfort, and spend a great deal of time seeking earthly peace” (p. 17). Me too Mary. You described me perfectly. And I can’t even blame it on not hearing the gospel in our church. I’ve been blessed having found a church that teaches the gospel, and doesn’t just emphasize the “All you do is progression.” But I am afraid. I don’t know what it’s like to live outside of comfort. I take the comforts of my American life for granted. And it’s hard to trust someone else with that even if I can intellectually understand that God WILL take care of me.

I wonder if I will ever fully live the Gospel like the members of the early church did in the book of Acts. I would love a life filled with joy like that. And it comes down to whether or not I’m willing to “live in [the gospel's] tenets, giving up our wills, our agendas, our fears, our everything” (p. 21). And these are things I am still working on even though I’ve been a believer for 15 years now.

What about you? Are you living the Gospel fully? Are you willing to live that everything life that comes from laying down everything like the men and women of the early church?

Feel free to share your thoughts on this. Here are a couple questions from the book that got me thinking about living the gospel:

1. Have you ever heard the gospel presented as All You Do Is…? Or have you thought of it that way? If so, how has that view of the gospel brought disillusionment?

2. Who in your life emanates the gospel? What about that person intrigues or draws you?

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  1. Ouch…that stings a bit. I truly don’t live the gospel fully. I went in 4 stores today and not once did I offer so much as a thank you and a smile to those who helped me. I wasn’t intentional, I was friendly. But friendliness void of truth doesn’t make people aware of Christ, and who they are apart from Him. I don’t think I can ever be convicted enough about this.

    I really need to check out this book.

    Comment by Ruthie — November 20, 2012 @ 5:24 pm

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